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eBook2021 SaaS Services Playbook
As organizations adopt SaaS at record rates, they need vital expertise from agile MSPs to manage, secure and optimize both the growing SaaS stack and the unauthorized Shadow IT that comes along with it. In this e-book, you will learn how to mitigate SaaS security risks for customers, ways to accelerate SaaS management and streamline customers’ operations in a SaaS-driven world.
Complete Guide to Gaining Control of Shadow IT
eBookComplete Guide to Gaining Control of Shadow IT
As individuals, organizations, and enterprises have become more comfortable with cloud offerings, the expectations have changed. People now want their IT to be faster, better, and cheaper. IT departments need to keep up with this demand while delivering secure and compliant offerings. They can’t become a blocker, as they’ll have to deal with the real risk of Shadow IT. This is the guide that can help you detect and manage Shadow IT.
SaaS Services Go-To-Market Kit
eBookSaaS Services Go-To-Market Kit
Augmentt Academy has brought to the market the essential training, tools and resources to help MSPs successfully prepare an easy and effective Go-To-Market plan. In each kit, we’re sharing actionable worksheets from Augmentt Academy to help you Go-To-Market with SaaS services. Effectively preparing to launch SaaS Services will help you remain efficient and resilient.
eBookThe Complete Guide to SaaS Administration
SaaS management should not be considered separately from managed services but rather as a component of the MSP’s arsenal. This is the MSP’s Guide to SaaS Administration. Understanding what services to offer, how to systemize them, tool requirements, and how to cost services out.
Augmentt SaasOps-The Ultimate Roadmap to Managing SaaS Applications
eBookThe Ultimate SaaSOps Roadmap eBook
Organizations now have more SaaS applications than ever before. There are many benefits to this, but there are also well-documented challenges ranging from cybersecurity to ballooning costs. That’s why MSPs are building SaaSOps services to keep pace and add value to their clients. This is the SaaS Ops playbook that can help you start delivering SaaSOps services to manage your client’s SaaS operations needs.
Thinking of a SaaS Management Platform? Ask These 5 Questions
eBookThinking of a SaaS Management Platform? Ask These 5 Questions.
In this guide, we review 5 critical questions to ask when considering a SaaS Management Platform. If you answer no to one or more questions, then you likely need one. Why? With every added application, there comes contracts, licenses, renewals, fees, users, and owners. It forms anentangled web of solutions that can add up to exorbitant and mushrooming costs–as well as security and compliance issues.
SaaS Trends and Opportunities playbook
eBookSaaS Trends and Opportunities playbook
With SaaS spend among SMBs doubling over the past year, MSPs are an indispensable part of ensuring that companies worldwide get the most from their cloud-based platforms. We have put together a list of 7 SaaS trends and opportunities for MSPs in 2020. This eBook will help you identify key SaaS opportunities for MSPs today.
SaaS Cost Reduction eBook
eBookSaaS Cost Reduction eBook
With cash flows tightening, organizations are placing a much higher priority on saving money across the board and, in particular, on SaaS apps.
SaaS Security Best Practices eBook
eBookSaaS Security Best Practices eBook
SaaS Security is a hot topic right now, and for good reasons. While organizations big and small and embracing SaaS, Security experts warn that unauthorized SaaS usage is the leading cause compliance violations in North America.
2020 SaaS Services Playbook
eBook2020 SaaS Services Playbook
Public cloud has been the biggest technology disruptor in the past 10 years. Nearly every department at every company is able to replace all on-prem software with a SaaS. Yet there are still some huge challenges … and top MSPs are building massive services revenue around SaaS management. We have put together a SaaS Services Playbook for modern MSPs.
Shadow IT_How to Protect Your Organization From What You Can’t See
eBookShadow IT Playbook
Shadow IT refers to IT technologies, solutions, services, projects and infrastructure utilized and managed without the formal approval and support of internal IT departments. This playbook covers why Shadow IT is a problem, how to protect your organization from it, and how to turn Shadow IT into a competitive advantage.


SaaS Services Go-To-Market Kit
KitSaaS Services Go-To-Market Kit
Augmentt Academy has brought to the market the essential training, tools and resources to help MSPs successfully prepare an easy and effective Go-To-Market plan. In each kit, we’re sharing actionable worksheets from Augmentt Academy to help you Go-To-Market with SaaS services. Effectively preparing to launch SaaS Services will help you remain efficient and resilient.

Report2021 SaaS Risk Report
SaaS can be a powerful way to accelerate and streamline operations for the business world, but it can become a security blind spot for businesses that don’t understand or mitigate the associated risks. A great many companies increasingly rely on MSPs to help them avoid the pitfalls of situations like misconfigured cloud apps, hacked SaaS accounts, and various forms of cyber attacks because they lack the resources, expertise, and tools to properly secure SaaS infrastructure.
ReportIndustry Forecast Report 2021
Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT channel was reshaping itself in a state of flux that was uprooting business models and changing the competitive landscape. These cascading changes turned conventional practices on its head with regard to customer types, buying patterns, mergers and acquisitions, and data protection and cybersecurity.
ReportAnalyst coverage – 451 Research
Security continues to be a challenge for SMBs, and managed service providers are seeking offerings to help guide customers through their most common pain points, including ‘shadow’ IT. Canadian startup Augmentt has launched a platform that supports MSPs as they help customers understand the SaaS applications in use and whether they comply with internal policy, and offers action items that enhance the security posture at a customer’s organization.

Webinars On Demand

WebinarHow To Simplify Microsoft Office 365 Security & Management with Engage
MSPs are faced with two bad choices when managing M365 instances for their customers today. When simple requests like password resets, unblocking or offboarding users arise, which make up about 80% of requests that come through your helpdesk, your options are:
Augmentt Academy
WebinarSaas Adoption Trends
Augmentt CEO, Derik Belair, shares key growth trends and stats pertaining to SaaS adoption within the SME space.
Augmentt Academy
WebinarIs SaaSOps the next big thing for MSPs?
SaaSOps is a service practice that refers to how SaaS application are managed, secured and optimized through centralized and automated operations – and it is quickly becoming on of the MSP Industry’s fastest growing service offering.
Augmentt Academy
WebinarAugmentt talks SaaS Security with Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
What does today’s SaaS usage and SaaS adoption mean from a security and a CISO perspective?
Augmentt Academy
Webinar30 min Tour in the Life of a Pure Play SaaS MSP
Augmentt’s CEO, Derik Belair, sits down with MSP, Nicole Darechuk, Founder of Terradare Solutions to discuss:
Augmentt Academy
WebinarSaaS Discovery for Security & Regulatory Compliance
“You can’t manage what you can’t measure“. In an environment where any employee can sign-up and immediately use a SaaS product, it is crucial for organizations to be able to identify, audit and monitor the full SaaS Applications mix used in their environment to help mitigate any security and compliance risks.
Augmentt Academy
WebinarIPaaS Tools for MSPs to accelerate digital transformation
One of the effects of the Internet, cloud computing and increasingly complex business processes is that data and applications are exploding.
WebinarHow to Conquer the SaaS Universe with Augmentt

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